How can I benefit from a Prestige ATM?

Zero Investment - 100% Profit: The first thing most businesses consider in any decision is the associated cost, so you'll be pleased to know that we do not require any payment of any kind an will never ask abusiness owner for a single cent for any of our standard services. That means that it will never cost a business owner money to have a Prestige ATM set up and operate at any location. Business that use Prestige ATMs get a profit share starting at 35% per transaction and increasing from there, depending on the level of traffic your busines location generates. Unlike most ATM comapnies, who have a static profit share that does not take into account the traffic of your location, we reward businesses that have greater level of traffic with higher profit share rate. Increase Trafiic Flow to Your Business or Location: We have a focus on the "internetof things" and social media to generate businesses. We use a wide variety of advertising platforms at our exspense to drive customers to our ATM machines, which, in turn, will drive customers to your business. For instance, using Google Maps, we set . up a location for each ATM machine which helps customers locate our machines. This means that people (with cash) are going to be coming to your business who would not otherwise do so, increasing your companies local awareness and customer base. In addition, we use avenues such as Facebook, Youtube, and many more to promote our Prestige ATMs. This drives even MORE traffic to your business. Expert Service: Our ATM machines are serviced and loaded by trained professionals that inspect each ATM on a regualr basis to ensure perfect function and constantly availiable funds. This guarantees that not only will the new customers you will receive from operating an Prestige ATM always have access to cash, but that our business represents your business in only the most professional fashion. Los Angeles Based - Locally Focused: Our business was built for and based around businesses in Los Angeles County. We know that being focused on local business people allows us to provide an experience that is unique for, and designed around, Los Angeles unique enviroment and culture. Not only were born and bred in the great city of Los Angeles, but our entire brand and business model was designed after what our Californians expect from their local businesses; clean, green, and efficiently local service. Retain Your Customers: Whetehr you know it or not many of your customers want convienient access to cash. Most customers who need an ATM are not going to ask you if you have one, they are simply going to go else where if they do not see one. This is why some businesses do not know that many of their customers actually want or need an ATM. There are a myriad of reasons for this but the important thing to remember is that if you do not have an ATM your customers are going to ask someone elses business to get a service they need. That means that without an ATM you are losing customers to other businesses. When a customer enters your business you want to keep that customer in your business for as long as possible, especially customers with money. Having an ATM provides an additional service to people that makes your business more valuable. Many people who use ATM's will actually spend a portion of what is withdrawn at the business an ATM is located in or around. There is no reason that the business they are spending that money at should not be yours.

Are there any monthly charges or hidden fees for my ATM placement?

Absolutely not. All aspects of Prestige ATMs basic services are provided absolutely free of charge. There is no charge for setting up, operating or advertising with any ATM machine on any business property.

How do I load my ATM?

Any business that has a Prestige ATM will not be expected to handle th process of loading any ATM. Each Prestige ATM is loaded by a trained professional on a regular basis. This saves you the time and hassle of guaranteeing your machine has availiable funds.

How much revenue can I expect to generate from an ATM placement?

The Profit Margin on setting up a Prestige ATM is 100%. Since there is no cost to set up a Prestige ATM, any busniess that has one of our machines on their premises can expect pure profit with zero investment. The Raw Numbers are pretty concrete. Statistically, if an ATM is located inside of a business, the number of customers that enter thatbusiness in a day is the number of transactions that can be expected per month. This means if 150 customers enter your business in a day and each transaction is $3.00, after the network fee we pay, you can expect to make nearly $2,000 annually wiht our starting 35% rate. This ofcourse does not take into account the number of people that will intentionally seek out our ATMs and the potential sales that off shoot from that traffic. If an ATM is placed outside of your business, the amount of money you make annually can rise exponentially depending on the location of your establishment and where outside of your business the ATM is placed.

My company accepts credit cards- Is it still worthwhile to place an ATM Machine?

The answer is YES! ATm machines are not merely a method of providing people with cash. ATMs are also a marketing platform that drive customers to a location, and increase foot traffic and sales within your business. According to ATM Experts, having a machine on premise in a business can increase retail sales by up to 50% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM. This means that if someone withdraws $60 from an ATM, which is the average withdrawl amount in the USA, they are likely to spend up to $30 of the $60 withdrawn.

On a Free ATM Placement, who is responsible to fill the ATM with cash?

Prestige ATMs is solely responsible for filling the ATM with cash. This is, ofcourse, a complimentary service we provide.

Who is responsible for machine repairs and regular maintenance?

Prestige ATMs handles all maintenance and repairs to our machines at absolutely no cost to the business or location owner. We use only the most professional service providers when doing so. We keep our machines clean and attractive, because we know how important presentation is to your business, and ours.

What are the requirements to qualify for free ATM machine placement?

Qualifying for one of our ATM machines to be placed at your location is very simple. If the desired location for the ATM is within our service area (Los Angeles County), just contact us and we'll schedule a free consultation at your location. If your premises have adequate foot traffic and passes our basic Safety & Security guidelines, we can have an ATM installed and ready to operate within 5 business days. Please call (626) 429.8069 to set up an appointment.

What's included with each ATM placement?

- ATM - ATM Risk Insurance - ATM Cash Loading - ATM Maintenance & Servicing - ATM Internet Connection - ATM Lighting (if required) - Live Transaction Tracking Account - Google Map ATM Location Markers

Are there minimum transaction volume requiremements to qualify for an ATM or get paid a profit share?

The answer to this question is an empathic NO! We do not require any of our vendors to have a minimum number of transactions in order to have an ATM. This works out perfectly for some of our clients who do not expect heavy traffic all the time. Our goal is obviously to place Prestige ATMs in the highest traffic areas possible. However, not all of our locations have a large number of transactions, nor do we expect this all of the time. We are completely capable and willing to cater to low transaction volume businesses and locations. If your business needs an ATM and you do not expect the ATM to get transactions every day that is perfectly fine and we are willing to work with you. We also do not require a minimumnumber of transactions in order to get paid your profit share. Whether you get 1 transaction or 1000 you will always get paid your profit share as stipulated in your Prestige ATM contract.