We think differently. Many ATM companies have been doing things the same way for so long that change isn’t even on their radar. We’ve done our homework, and know what other ATM companies offer: low profit sharing rates, no protection, poor customer service, and little creativity. The following service offerings are just a few of the things that set us apart from the competition

Free ATM Risk Insurance

Prestige ATM’s is proud to be the only company in the state of California to offer free risk insurance to businesses that receive a free ATM placement. As with every element of running a business, some inherent risk is involved. We mitigate this risk by offering protection to our clients who place ATMs within or outside of their establishment. If someone illegally removes one of our ATMs from any of our client’s locations or establishments, causing damage to your premises, we believe it’s only fair to assist our clients in covering the cost that your current insurance will not cover. Having an ATM should be as profitable and low risk as possible for each and every client we serve. No other ATM company in the state of California offers free insurance with each and every placement.

Better Profit Share

We offer a high profit sharing rate, starting at 35% and going all the way up to 60%, on each and every transaction. This means more money in your pocket! Other leading ATM placement companies start at as little as 20%, and go only as high as 45%. Even worse, some companies only profit share a set amount of as little as $0.25 per transaction to their clients. This allows them to maximize their profit off YOUR business  without compensating you for the value that your business creates for them! Many ATM distributors don’t even pay their clients unless at least 100 transactions are run through an ATM every month. We do not have a lower limit in order to qualify for a profit share. This means no matter how few transactions our ATMs receive, our clients ALWAYS get paid. In addition, our tiered system requires less transactions to qualify for a higher percentage. For instance, many other ATM companies require at least 50 transactions to qualify for an extra 1% profit share. Our sliding profit-share scale starts increasing at the first transaction after 200. Since we start our profit share at 35%, if you get between 1 and 200 transactions in a month, with an Prestige ATM you only need 201 transactions to qualify for a Tier 2 profit share of 36%. As such, having a free Prestige ATM placement is clearly the more profitable choice for your business!

Higher Quality ATM Placement

We provide all of our clients with the exceptional Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE ATM Machine. The industry standard for free placement ATMs are not only less secure, but weigh an average of nearly 90 pounds less. An excellent example of this is the NH-2600 Halo ATM. The Halo is almost universally offered by ATM placement companies because it is cheaper for them to provide. Businesses that receive our free Nautilus Hyosung 2700CE Express Oregon ATM placement will have a machine on site that is safer and more secure. In addition, many ATM companies place machines within businesses that are old, used, unattractive, and simply an eyesore within your floor space. This might be OK for some companies, but we have standards. That is why all of our machines are modern, up to date and brand new. I am sure almost anyone that reads this can relate. How many times have you walked into a business, or down the street in Los Angeles, and seen a dilapidated ATM that looks like it hasn’t been tended to in years. We are here to put a stop to that!

Expert Service

Prestige ATM machines are regularly serviced and loaded by trained professionals. Each ATM is inspected to ensure perfect function, and kept loaded with cash. This guarantees that not only will all of the prospective new customers who seek out your ATM always have access to cash, but that our business represents your business in only the most professional fashion. We truly understand that ATM down-time is bad for business!